This flasher has a lot of what others have.
But there are differences and they are crucial !

· Fiber optic material
· 2-sided multiple ultra UV active coloring
· Unique 3D Ultra Lure Tape decors
· Precisely coordinated design

This flasher is new, really flashed us during test fishing and camera observations showed that fish often miss bait behind flashers. Depending on the type of fish, fish become aggressive and try to catch the bait several times. But there are also fish that, after a few failed attempts, search for and give up the way to an easier prey.
With this flasher we create a 19cm alternative that generates pressure waves, lures fish without scaring away and influences movements of the trailing bait in such a way that it induces a bite, but at the same time the chance for a high hit rate is guaranteed. Anyone who tries it is convinced.

Equipment: brass eyelets;
Packaging: Euro perforation for shelf mounting, without plastic, cardboard printing CO2 neutral

Assembly / leader length
I. Bait without own action
Leader length = 2 - 4 times the flasher length (approx. 40-80cm). Furthermore, the thicker the leader, the better the transfer to the bait.
II. Bait with own action
If the bait is to maintain its own running behavior, the upstream flasher is primarily used to address the sensory organs of the fish by means of additional pressure waves and thus to draw attention to the bait behind it.
Leader length = 1m - 2m

ATTENTION: Flasher make violent movements, be sure to connect the swivel,
to the rod side + to the bait side, otherwise line twist can occur.